King's Gold Fountain Pen Ink - The perfect Fall ink.

I will start this post with the unfortunate news for those of you who are not aware, this ink has been discontinued for many years. Now that the unpleasantness is over, let's get down to the fun part!

Sheaffer Skrip fountain pen ink is almost as iconic as the American pen company itself. Sheaffer Skrip King's Gold is in my opinion one of the best and most iconic inks in that line.  It's a gorgeous rich yellow gold color, with shading properties that make even the most steadfast of fountain pen enthusiasts drool. When I sat down to do the small writing sample for my pictures today, I couldn't help but take my time and watch as it pooled in the curves of my letters. The beautiful golden yellow/brown color reminds me of the fall Aspen tree leaves in Wyoming where my family lives.  Writing this week's letter was definitely an exercise in warm fuzzy feelings.

I was actually able to find a second bottle recently, so I felt that I could finally use a little bit more from this one.  I wrote my friend Donna a letter today, and I've included a portion of it in the gallery below.  Notice how some portions of the letters appear darker than others.  That's not a trick of the camera, it's the beautiful shading from ink pooling in different places as I wrote the letter.

If you like this color, and don't want to spend $50-$100USD to acquire a bottle, you can find similar inks on the market that are still in production.  One really close match is Montblanc Golden Yellow, while it has less brown tone to it than King's Gold, the shading is as good or better. Another close ink is J. Herbin Andre de Birmanie, although the shading isn't as nice, but the color is there if you're not concerned with lack of shading.