ShopJot Leather Covers and Alternative Sized Notebooks

A couple of weeks ago, I made my first purchase from a shop on Etsy called ShopJot. The proprietor of which makes beautiful handmade notebook covers and accessories. She makes some in alternative sizes that aren't common and can be harder to find paper for. However, in this instance I couldn't pass up the chance to buy these because they are coffee themed! 

I was so excited in fact, that on one of them I didn't really read the details and ended up purchasing a "personal" sized cover. I also purchased the SweetBabyJot in the same color way. But with the SweetBabyJot, I did know that I was going to have to find a tiny notebook/notebooks to go in them.

The "personal" sized cover, or MyJot-Personal as they are called by the maker, is a cover for "personal sized notebooks. Compared to your standard Midori traveler's notebook or even a pocket notebook like a Field Notes, it likes somewhere in between. The Midori traveler's notebook inserts are 8.5"x4.5", the "personal" size is 6.5"x3.75", and the Field Notes size is 5.5"x3.5".

The SweetBabyJot uses an insert that is 3.5"x2.5" and it is ADORABLE. The cover from ShopJot is about the size of my card holder that I carry on a daily basis, and their site even states that it would fit a card case insert.

So, after getting these in the mail and realizing I didn't have notebooks to fill them, I was off on an internet search for more paper! I ended up finding a site called ChicSparrow. They were one of the only sites I could find that made personal inserts using Tomoe River paper, which is my absolute favorite. They also had a notebook called the nano size which was a perfect fit for the SweetBabyJot.

Most folks are familiar with A5, A6, Traveler's, Passport, and Field Notes sizing. However, some of these alternative paper sizes can be very hard to find. So, here are few tips that made things easier for me to find what I was looking for:

  1. Search by paper dimensions. It was the quickest and easiest way to start finding some good sites with items that I could look through. For example, personal size didn't seem to be fairly standard so I searched for "6.5"x3.75" notebook insert" as my search term.
  2. If you have a brand of paper you like, use it in your search terms. Because I'm partial to Tomoe River paper the final search I used that ended up sending me to ChicSparrow was "Tomoe River Personal Insert". 
  3. If the above suggestions fail, check your local area for book binders and paper shops. I used to work as a print promotional item buyer, so I had a few contacts in my local area to get custom made notebooks if it came down to it. Generally this is a more expensive avenue, but you would be amazed at some of the papers and the quality you can get by purchasing custom made notebooks.

These two alternative paper sizes have already found a place in my daily carry. The SweetBabyJot is my new quick notes register, and the MyJot-Personal is going to take over  the place of my Midori until I find a new setup for it that I like. Lesson learned though, I will always make sure to measure before I buy. See the gallery below for some photos of both the covers and the notebooks, and I hope you enjoy.