I've got the Blues About Montblanc Miles Davis Jazz Blue

To my family, and anyone else who has seen my ink drawers (there are 6 of them), it's no secret that I love a good Montblanc ink. I am especially drawn to the special editions like Golden Yellow, Pink, Blue Hour, etc... So, when I received the Anderson Pens Newsletter notifying me that they had Montblanc Miles Davis Jazz Blue in stock, I immediately purchased two bottles. I generally purchase these in multiples because they tend to run out quickly and then they are never seen from again. I have done this ever since Pink, which I stupidly only bought one bottle of and haven't found in the wild for much more than retail price ever since.

My shipment arrived, and I was super excited to start playing with it. I inked up a pen and began to write in my journal to see just what this ink had to offer. As the words went down on the page I was so excited because it was going down as a beautiful blue. Not quite as deep as my beloved Bung Box Sapphire, but vibrant and lovely nonetheless. Then it started to dry, and while I'm not completely dissatisfied, I do wish it wouldn't have changed so drastically. The ink went from a vibrant, deep, wonderful blue to something more like a sky blue, and in some light even turquoise.

Whilst it's not unusable, it's just not what I was expecting. I guess that's what happens when you suffer from "Fear of Missing Out" combined with a hankering for early adoption. It still hasn't deterred me from my habits, but I may have to adjust expectations.

In the gallery below, I've compared it to some of my other favorite blues ranging from blue-green to a royal blue so you can see the ink for yourself. The swabs and smaller writing sample are on Tomoe River 52gsm paper, the larger writing sample is in a Rhodia Webnotebook with 90gsm paper.