The Winkpen, a late Christmas present and new favorite art supply.


I just got my new Winkpen a few days ago. I haven't had a chance to fully put it through it's paces, but from the little time I have been able to spend with it, I can tell it's going to be my new favorite art supply. I call it an art supply, and not a fountain pen, because to me it just doesn't have the daily use practicality of a standard fountain pen. It definitely has a place on my desk when i'm drawing or using my art journal, and the fact that it can use non-conventional liquids as "ink" makes me very excited to try things like coffee, tea, wine, and liquid watercolors to draw.

Ink Capacity:

The Winkpen uses a Schmidt K5 Standard International converter. Ink capacity in those is a little less than a short Standard International ink cartridge (.72ml). Because I was changing colors often in my test drawings and writings, I just dipped the nib directly in a test tube of ink. In the gallery below you can see what I was able to do with a single dip.

Nib Size:

Because each Winkpen is hand crafted, nib widths vary. Mine is similar to a broad fountain pen nib, and is surprisingly not scratchy at all. There is a little bit of variation depending on how you hold the pen, and what side of the nib you're using. I was able to get a finer line by using the "edge" of one of the spirals, but it wasn't as wet as using it normally. Overall I'm pleased with the nib and think it will allow me to create some nice pieces.

Pricing and Quality:

Overall I think due to the handmade nature of the glass nib, the build quality of the other parts, and the uniqueness of the Winkpen itself I believe it's worth the retail asking price of $129 USD and it looks like first editions can be found for less on places like MassDrop.

The quality is great. For a mostly glass pen, there aren't any sharp edges, the nib is well made with no sharp barbs, and the glass body is smooth as well. The craftsmanship is nice, and I hope it will last a good long while.

Final Thoughts:

This won't replace my water brushes or fountain pens, but it will combine the best aspects of both to give me an excellent new tool for art journaling and sketching. The price was right, the quality is good, and the innovation is nice to see.